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Project Planning

Project Planning

At Create Wealth Financial Planning, we believe strongly in the full comprehensive planning experience. You will get the most out of your plan with a broad, deep review of your current situation and ongoing support as you make changes. 

We also understand that sometimes a specific issue is all that you have the opportunity to address right now. In that case we are still here to help review your top priority, and will be here to take on a more complete planning process when you are ready. 

During Project Planning We Will:

  • Gather all relevant data to properly evaluate your project needs
  • Analyze the project and review multiple courses of action 
  • Present recommended steps to meet your end goals
  • If desired, help with implementation of revised plans 


  • Projects are priced as a flat fee based on project complexity and expected time to complete and deliver.
  • Minimum project fee: $750

Project Examples May Include:

  • Student Loan Analysis
    • Helping you understand repayment options, consolidation options and the best course to minimize your burden
  • Independent Investment Analysis
    • An objective second opinion on your investment portfolio, from someone not connected to your current strategy
  • Life Insurance Review and Rescue
    • Many people have been sold permanent life insurance policies they are unfamiliar with, and may not be a good fit for their needs
    • We can review current health of your policy to identify the best course of action, whether that is to continue with your existing strategy or find a way to change course

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