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Foundational Planning:

Getting your financial house in order

and protection from the unexpected

Foundational Planning

Sprouts growing out of a container

Laying the foundation for a solid financial plan is an extremely important, but often overlooked step. A poor financial foundation may be the thing that is keeping you from kick starting your savings plan. Skipping this step could also create a house of cards where one unexpected event could erase years of hard work.

As a fee-only planner committed to acting in your best interest we can take the time to ensure we are doing what it takes to create your firm foundation. While not as exciting as growth planning or more advanced planning, foundational planning ensures you and your loved ones are protected from the unexpected and lifts a great weight off our client’s shoulders.

Foundational planning covers Cash Flow and Budgeting, Student Loan Review, Maintaining a Cash Reserve and Approporiate Insurance

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